Nice to Meet You!

We are the Liternauts Team

We are a small team based in Mallorca, Spain. We have been helping writers to write since 2012 through our project Liternauts, and we have developed various apps for writers. We have developed four apps so far. Our latest and biggest project to date is Story Planner.

Iria Lopez. Writer and cofounder of Liternauts 

Iria Lopez, a writer and co-founder of Liternauts, designs apps along with the team. She has already published two novels in Spain and worked as a screenwriter in TV shows. Besides reading and writing, Iria loves designing apps for writers. You can find her on Twitter at @irialt.

Tomeu Masco. App Developer and Cofounder of Liternauts

Tomeu Masco is responsible for the technical aspects of Liternauts. He's the app developer who turns all the ideas into reality. Tomeu is fond of comic books, video games, board games and building apps. You can find him on Twitter at @tomeumasco.


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